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The Mystery of Vikings and Pyramids and Tristan Da Cunha

 This mystery began when I was visiting the Viking monument Ales Stenar in Kåseberga and Kungagraven in Kivik, both in the southern part of Sweden. By coincidence I discovered a third monument: the Stenhed Viking monument. Apparently the three monuments was on line and with Stenhed quite near the middle. With the help of Google Earth I measured the distance between the three monuments and:

 Kungagraven – Stenhed: 9,00 nautical miles
Stenhed – Ales stenar: 10,00 nautical miles
And that is very acuratly…
I surfed a bit longer on Google Earth and was looking on the three Pyramids at Giza. They had some similarity to the three monuments above – tree object nearly on line. I did draw a rough line trough the three Pyramids and extened it a long way south… I did the same with the three Viking monuments and they crossed nearby Tristan Da Cunha. If you take a look on Tristan Da Cunha, you will see three crates to the north east. They some similarity to the pyramids and Viking monuments and is pointing in the same direction.

The Three Crates on Tristan

Between the two lines from viking monuments and the Giza Pyramids, on Tristan, there is three crates… According to the craters are "explosion craters" 

Cao Grande, Sao Tome

…and they points towards Sao Tome, where you can find the Cao Grande. The Cao Grande is a volcano leftover or volcanic neck like Devils Tower.


 Kungagraven, Tristan and Nazca

The lines from Nazca to Tristan and Kungagraven is nearly 90 degree:

NB: The lines are there!!!

And the line from Nazca to kungagraven hits the Corva Vulcano in the Azores:

And check the Pisco Holes:

And Nazca is nearly opposite on earth to the Angkor Wat temple in Thailand.

And Nazca, Ayes Rock, Ankor Wat and Stonehenge is on the same line / circle.

And Nazca, Giza Pyramids, Ankor Wat and Ister Island is on the same line / circle. Also on this circle you will find: Ollantaytambo, Paratoari and the Libyen lines:


And these Siberian skidmarks – who made them?



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  2. Paul Young on 16 January 2010 at 19:56

    Hmmm, I think more research might be required

    Vikings couldn’t have got to Tristan da Cunha, their boats wouldn’t
    have made it that far south!

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