Unidentified Flying Object

This is a story of a very strange object found in a series of pictures. The pictures where all taken with object of catching the clouds. A total of 87 pictures where shot in 20 minutes or as picture metadata timestamp says from 18:00:42 to 18:20:27. During the shooting nothing odd or special where observed…

After upload to the laptop, several days later, I found this strange object on D39B0037.DCR:

 Timestamp on this picture is 18:04:15 – and the picture taken prior to this, the D39B0036.DCR is with timestamp 18:04:14 – around one second earlier and objects is not there…

 All photos is taken with a Kodak DCS  Pro 14nx, mounted with a Nikon Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED VR AF zoom lens. Photos are saved as raw format and processed in Lightroom 3 (exposure and some graduation) – all the sensor spots are there.

Pictures where taken from a sailboat in Odden Havn – position 55°58'19.97"N – 11°22'9.75"E – Direction approx. NW



Link to all 87 picures

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