My name is Thomas Lundqvist.

I am a specialist in developing customizations to Oracle Applications. Forms, reports, workflow, sqlplus, sql, plsql, personalization, custom library, triggers, functions, procedures, packages, views, concurrent programs, flexfields, deploy, fndload, wfload, API’s, sqlloader, dataload, receivables, purchasing, order management, Inventory (ODM & OPM), Installed Base, fixed asset, general ledger, system administration, Invoices, Pickslip, Deliveries, Statements, responsibilities, apps initialize…
I have a sailboat, Bastard, that is used for racing and holidays.
I also do some photographing. Pls. visit the Photo . This is an activity I do for fun but recently I also got some assignment, with a reasonable payment. Pls. check “Tina & Martin“.
Group photos:
In the fall 2009 I started staff photo sessions. The assignment was to take pictures for organization diagrams and phone list. During lunch break we offered people to get their picture taken. All employees have a keycard with their employee number on it – that was the first picture, then a shot where as they were. If they looked a little sad, I asked them for a little smile and then the camera where clicking 2-10 shots. A total of 360 employees were photographed (that’s 2300+ pictures), processed using adobe lightroom and exported as b/w in 4:5 100px and 280px.
Here is the compressed result:

And a compilation of 100 dako faces:

Pls. check these sites:

xls4oracle.com – excel tool for oracle applications – load excel data into oracle applications API’s

sql4oracle.com – developer site with sql scripts

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