Thomas Lundqvist Consulting

Thomas Lundqvist Consulting is a specialist in developing customizations to Oracle Applications. Forms, reports, workflow, sqlplus, sql, plsql, personalization, custom library, triggers, functions, procedures, packages, views, concurrent programs, flexfields, deploy, fndload, wfload, API's, sqlloader, dataload, receivables, purchasing, order management, Inventory (ODM & OPM), Installed Base, fixed asset, general ledger, system administration, Invoices, Pickslip, Deliveries, Statements, responsibilities, apps initialize…

For the last couple of years, I have been involved in rollouts. We have rolled Oracle Applications out to several countries in Europe, US and Canada and Japan. Customers where retrieved from legacy system and cleaned in excel sheets by our specialist in customer setup. Finally customers where loaded using the xls4oracle tool. The xls4oracle tool has also been heavily in use for pricelist modifiers, and it was easy to build the final scripts to load in production using multiple concurrent request for parallel loading. Pls visit

The site is build to help Oracle Applications Developers with usefull scripts. Toad and sqldeveloper is unable to execute script as sqlplus. With the scripts found on, you get a lot of functions for free. The most referenced script is the script for apps initialize. As a Oracle Applications Developer, you are lost until you fully understand what the apps initialization does. Pls. visit

Contact information:

Thomas Lundqvist Consulting
Odinsvej 8
3000 Helsingør
Phone: +45 2826 9236

Pls. check these sites: – excel tool for oracle applications – load excel data into oracle applications API's – developer site with sql scripts


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